Living By Design

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Leaving lasting impressions

We visualise the possibilities of every sense. From how light angles into a sunlit room and the interplay of its shadows, to how patterns transform fields. We see every element in its whole, allowing imagination to lead design.

Every texture is conceived like an individual piece of art. Every detail is appreciated by those that understand. We know that element by element, detail by detail, a sense of place and a sense of well-being emerges. These impressions last beyond the moment.

We create spaces, environments of beauty, so carefully thought out, that they both reflect and inspire the lifestyles of the cultured that exist within.

Again and again.

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Living by Design

Firmly founded on the codes of enhanced living, contemporary minimalism and clarity of detail, this exclusive collection of fourteen residential suites brings a previously unseen living concept to Dubai. Each element was sculpted and selected to create a customised experience, visible in every step, in every glance, in every touch. All homes feature enviable arrangements of light and space against a unique mix of exquisite stones. This is expressive design that captures the vastness of the ocean and ergonomic design that has not compromised on human needs.

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Palme Couture was built on three guiding values. From the birth of the project to our residents’ continued experience, these values are imbued in every aspect, both tangible and perceived.



We stand elevated above the
conventions around us.



We push creativity to the fore
in both concept and detail.



We ignite real emotions through
stimulating experiences.

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