The art of living, well

Enriching lives is the maxim that underpins everything we do. Innovate Living is a heart and soul brand focussing on boutique lifestyle experiences and meaningful design. We pursue projects that matter and experiences that alter your world, always through a lens of well-being.

In a city where luxury is typically overstated, Innovate Living has become synonymous with modern minimalist developments characterised by a distinctive boutique approach and absolute empathy with the individual.

We commit detailed research on the material mix for each project and seek to bring only original ‘not-done-before’ design concepts to the region. Our aim is to create more than just physical spaces but feelings, stories and lasting impressions which breathe life into each client’s vision.

Palme Couture Residences is an Innovate Development Project.

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Massimo Lisotti Senior Architectural Designer, Innovate Living Design Studio

A conversation with
Massimo Lisotti

Envisioned by architect Massimo Lisotti, the Los Angeles-style residences of Palme Couture stand as an archetype of experience-enriching design. Free-flowing connections and uninterrupted movement from inside to out evoke feelings of creativity and serenity. Vast expanses of glass allow abundant daylight to flood each room. The concept fundamentals were always simplicity, modernity and minimalism against an array of texture and a pursuit of comfort.

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Can you give us an insight into your background?

I bring nine years’ experience from Los Angeles, working across both commercial and residential projects in Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills alongside celebrity clients, top real estate developers and award-winning architects. Following that I moved to Central London where I spent another three years with a boutique design and build studio working on modern luxury residential projects. The lure of L.A. pulled me back though and I returned there just before my most recent transition to Dubai – the land of luxury architecture.

How do you integrate furniture composition into your layouts?

I also work as a furniture designer and so this forms a critical part of my work. I recreated the entire interior furniture line from Rudolph Schindler’s early masterpiece – the James Eads How House in Silver Lake, one of the most important surviving modernist houses in Los Angeles. This project has really shaped my entire approach to design. All of the furniture was developed in rosewood and burgundy leather. Now, whenever I take on a new project I use inspiration from Schindler Modernism.

Can you explain your conceptual vision for Palme Couture?

I imagined a Hollywood Hills home brought to a Dubai coastline. One of the reasons we chose this location was the beautiful and private bay on Palm Jumeriah. The space I wanted to capture was an urban loft-like environment nestled against the vastness of the ocean. The aim was to keep the concept free from visual noise, creating spaces where residents can connect and switch off. Each home holds a consistency of character: open space, clean lines and maximised glazing to highlight the view. In some rooms, it actually feels like you are suspended above the turquoise mass beneath.

Where do you source inspiration?

Richard Neutra, Schindler and Richard Meyer are always the starting point - I’m continually inspired by their architecture. My own philosophy has been shaped through a reinterpretation of their modernist styles alongside mid-century Southern Californian design cues, specifically from the Hollywood Hills homes in LA.

What are the signature details within Palme Couture?

Clean lines, white open spaces, simplicity, indoor/outdoor as a unique all-in-one space, unornamented facades and seamless surfaces of luxury marble used as artworks and masterpieces of design.

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Can you tell us about the key materials and pieces you’ve specified for this project?

We’ve imported fifteen types of marble from the Carrara marble quarries in Italy. One of the most striking features of the scheme is the dark grey ‘Bardiglio Nuvolato’ marble fireplaces, a detail that sits in stark contrast to the bright white Volakas marble canvas extending from the corridors to the outside terraces. We have also partnered with top Italian brands like Rimadesio, Poliform, Minotti for furniture and Viabizzuno for lighting. This project has been very much about assembling something quite edgy to match the lifestyle of the modern high achiever here in Dubai.

What is your favourite decorative piece?

All forms of abstract sculpture, especially anything by David Shapiro.

What is your best piece of design advice?

Integrate modern furniture design with classics from Mies van der Rohe or Le Corbusier.